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Scuola di Piazza del Popolo: Pop Art a Roma 1960/70 - Angeli F., Ceroli M., Festa T., Mambor R., Schifano M., Maselli T. (Group exhibition)

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Group Exhibition: Angeli Franco - Ceroli Mario - Festa Tano - Mambor Renato - Maselli Titina - Schifano Mario -

Duration: 12 Jul. 2016 - 31 Dec. 2020



Artist Current

                                         “Scuola di Piazza del Popolo”

In the early 60s some young artists such as Mario Schifano, Gaetano Festa, Franco Angeli, Cesare Tacchi, Mimmo Rotella and Giosetta Fioroni begin to gather in Piazza del Popolo to the "Caffè Rosati".

Short also adhere Mario Ceroli, Pino Pascali, Kounellis, Renato Mambor, Salvo Lombardo and later Joseph Hooks, Fabio Mauri Umberto Bignardi and Francesco Lo Savio.


These artists gravitate around the gallery "La tartaruga" (that, since 1963 is moved by Plinio De Martiis to Piazza del Popolo), and the Gallery's "l’Attico" of Fabio Sargentini.


The school will never have a common artistic address, and from the beginning, as well note the critic  Maurizio Calvesi there are three different currents, uneven among them: Schifano, Angeli Festa - Ceroli, Kounellis, Pascali - Lombardo, Mambor, Tacchi, that soon will take his own  personal way.


The so-called "School of Piazza del Popolo" will never achieve its own specific identity, as confirmed by the Venice Biennale of 1964 which recognizes the American"Pop Art" , with works by J. Dine, J. Johnes, Chamberlain, Rauschenberg, Oldenburg, others; numerous artists exhibited in the Italian Pavilion of the "school" but only as individual: Angels  with canvas covered with gauze, Schifano presents enamels on paper reported on canvas, Festa presents paintings with part of Michelangelo figure, Fioroni with works conceived as a photographic sequences and Ceroli that exhibited in the gardens the "Cassa Sistina".


In 1964/65 some artists such as Pascali and Ceroli begin to establish themselves  within the Roman artistic world, anticipating the art encroachment towards the physical space, the installation, until 1967 when virtually the school concludes its existence to give space to the Movement "Arte Povera"carried out in Rome by the Galleries: L’“Attico", "La Salita" and "La Tartaruga".


The events that characterize this date are:


- the exhibition of "8 Roman painters" (Angeli, Ceroli, Festa, Fioroni, Kunellis, Pascali, Schifano and Uncini) presented by Maurizio Calvesi to the “Foscherari Gallery” of Bologna in collaboration with the gallery "La Tartaruga" of Rome.

- the exhibition christened with the title "Arte Povera" organized by Germano Celant who presents the painters: Bignardi, Ceroli, Kounellis, Mambor, Mattiacci, Pascali and Uncini, who are turning towards the research  of everyday object inspired by minimalism.


Artists who do not participate in the movement "Arte Povera" continue in his artistic activities in total autonomy.

Artists on Exhibition

Franco Angeli

Mario Ceroli

Tano Festa

Renato Mambor

Titina Maselli

Mario Schifano

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