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Cracking Art: Sweetlove W., Veronese M., Nucara R., Ronda O. (Group exhibition)

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Group Exhibition: Veronese Marco - Sweetlove William - Nucara Renzo - Ronda Omar -

Duration: 30 Oct. 2016 - 31 Dec. 2020



Artist Current

Cracking is the process that turns the natural into artificial, the organic into synthetic.

A dramatic course, if it is not checked, a split that puts us in front of new realities.

Cracking Art


The movement Cracking Art is founded in 1993: the intention is to radically change the history of art through a strong social and environmental commitment that, along with the revolutionary use of plastics, highlights the increasingly close relationship between natural life and artificial reality.

The term Cracking Art derives from the verb "to crack", which describes the act of breaking, collapsing. Cracking is the gap of contemporary man, torn between the original naturalness and a future more and more artificial.

This contrast is reflected in particular in the choice of materials, and then in the social and environmental commitment of the movement, which shows an aware acceptance of the inevitability of the fact that our world is becoming more and more artificial.

The works are made in order to highlight, at community level, the importance and the environmental impact of recycling, choosing a mode of expression that is expressed through engaging performance events, where colorful and decidedly out of scale animals invade the most various places, from the spaces properly dedicated to art to those of everyday life.

Regenerate the plastic it means subtract it to the toxic and devastating destruction for the environment, giving it new life; make the artwork it means communicate through an innovative aesthetic language, expressing a particular sensitivity towards nature.

Artists on Exhibition

Marco Veronese

William Sweetlove

Renzo Nucara

Omar Ronda

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