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Rome in the contemporary art

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Group Exhibition: Bartolini Luigi - Avenali Marcello - Stradone Giovanni - Francalancia Riccardo - Gentilini Franco - Melli Roberto - Socrate Carlo - Ziveri Alberto - Vangelli Antonio - Sdruscia Achille -

Duration: 14 Dec. 2016 - 31 Dec. 2020


"Rome is the capital of the world! To this place the whole history of the world is connected."


The exhibition brings together works by contemporary artists, which, for familiarity and love for the city of Rome, portray views of Roman life according to their particular feelings.

They are not necessarily the monuments and architectural and archaeological beauties to fill the canvases, because in the foreground, rather, there are expressed the feelings that a city like Rome has communicated and transmitted to these artists: gardens, alleys, squares, but also important churches that tell the story of an eternal city. ROME CAPUT MUNDI!

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Artists on Exhibition

Luigi Bartolini

Marcello Avenali

Giovanni Stradone

Riccardo Francalancia

...work in progress...

Franco Gentilini

Roberto Melli

Carlo Socrate

Alberto Ziveri

Antonio Vangelli

Achille Sdruscia

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Rome in the contemporary art
Duration: 14 Dec 2016 - 31 Dec 2020

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