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Chronoswiss is a Swiss watch manufacturer based in Lucerne. The company was founded by Gerd R. Lang in 1983.

The watchmaker “Gerard-Rudiger Lang“, (born 1943) lost his job as branch manager of the german company “Heuer Time” wich in 1981 closed its activity leaving an enormous stock of watch parts.

Lang in search for a new job,  established himself in Munich  and convinced  of the high demand of mechanical Watch, despite the quartz revolution, no longer satisfied as a dealer of imported goods, decide to create a new Watch Brand  under the name of “Chronoswiss” and acquires from the Heuer stock the so-called “RETRO” models, wrist-watch in the period design of earlier decades.

By 1984 Lang, start to manufacture the first genuine Chronoswiss model wich came out, in a limited edition, launched in 1988 under the name of “Régulateur”.

Since then the Brand has evolved into a serious player in the apparently still buoyant market for quality wristwatches.

Recently (2012) the Brand  has been bought and the management taken by Oliver Ebstein and his wife Eva who restructured the Company looking also to increase  the presence of Chronoswiss in the  North American market.

As brand mostly evaluated by collectors Chronoswiss watches generally sell at the low-end of their price range at auctions.

Watch List

Chronoswiss Regulateur

Movement and function: hand-wind, caliber Unitas 6376, 17 rubies. The hours and the seconds are visible in the inner two quadrants, the minutes in the central dial.

Chronoswiss Kairos

70s Yellow gold wristwatch